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On this and subsequent pages you will find a selection of our more interesting personalisation projects and some background info, tips, hints and tricks that we use. You'll also find out about our staff, who runs Stylus and the journey we take to ensure Stylus remains and continues to grow in the ever changing world of personalisation of products. 

17th July 2018

The journey so far...

Over the last 9 months new owners Ben and Alison have settled into the swing of running Stylus engravers. Alison has over 10 years of experience in engraving prior to taking over the reigns at the Plymouth city centre shop. Since then they have made many subtle as well as major changes. A new colour scheme has been introduced along with uniforms and the introduction of new and exciting glass range of products. Major changes include the investment in this new website which will hopefully provide new and existing customers with a more mobile friendly and easier, faster check out experience. Further heavy investment sees the purchase of a laser engraver and the introduction of whole new lines of engravable stock, gift items including wood, acrylic and leather. Joining the existing team are Abby, younger sister of Ben working shop front sales and artwork stencil engraver and Will, Dad in an advisory position. Our existing staff have been encouraged to experiment and grow their artistic flairs having scope and free reign to experiment and push the boundaries of their skills to new levels. The addition of a hand drill engraving system to supplement and enable our glass engraver to go much deeper and produce one of a kind hand engraved artwork on our high end glass wear. See below for some examples of her work...


31st July 2018

It has been a busy couple of weeks since I last wrote so to fill in the gaps

we welcomed a new trainee engraver, Sharon 

annual leave has seen Karen front of house, Abby sand blaster, Mike metal engraver, Miranda glass engraver and Ben owner all taking time off over the last few weeks leaving us a little thin on the ground

the breakdown and fixing, in house, of our large metal engraving machine 

the stabilising of the laser engraver work bench

amongst a whole host of both complex and unusual items to be engraved as well as the standard daily bread and butter engravings for birthdays weddings and a whole host of other personalisation and celebrations.

Alison has found time in between the madness and chaos to start experimenting with our new epilog laser engraver with some terrific results. Toying with the settings and experimenting has led to successful engravings of both text and images on a whole host of materials from wood to brass and acrylic to leather. Photos will follow shortly...

We are still battling to bring the running and management of the systems in the shop up to speed. A while back we commissioned the new website and there are still teething problems with some of the systems, especially the emails and we are hoping they will be rectified soon. Additionally, we have introduced a new electronic stock management system system and bar coded everything in the shop. Again, there are still some teething problems and hopefully they will be sorted and I will be able to report back that we are completely up and running. 

We are constantly striving to improve our skills and the services we offer and on this front we have looked to introduce hand over sheets to be used daily to ensure that if anyone is off for any reason, holiday or sickness, we will be able to see at a glance what they have been working on and what is outstanding. We were caught out when someone came in to collect their special piece and unfortunately it had been missed out when a member of staff went on holiday. For this reason, broadcasting it on a blog, we show transparency and accountability. We are human after all and some mistakes are inevitable, but we learn from them and find ways to adapt and alter or service to make it either more streamlined or provide an improved service to our customers.